About Us

Shubh Solutions is involved in the marketing and distribution of computer software and provision of computer consultancy services to meet the needs of our clients. These services include but are not limited to: consulting with respect to computer and information requirements, creating original software programs, developing software applications, training of personnel, implementing hardware, network and communications arrangements and updating existing programs and systems.

Established in 2004, the Company now employs thirty-five (35) workers. It has grown tremendously within a short period. We believe that our growth will continue to be equally phenomenal through 2017 and anticipate income in excess of $ 4 million. Our continued success will to a large extent depend on our ability to remain in the forefront of developments in computer software development, programming and consulting. Accordingly it is critical for us to devise and utilize high quality computer programs and systems which will meet the needs of our customers and which are free of technical and operational errors. Therefore, highly skilled Software Application Developer/Software Application Developer/Software Engineer is a necessity in running our business

Shubh Solutions has been aligned to key business practices of IT staff Augmentation, Software Development, and Business Process Outsourcing, with a unique focus on providing solutions that manage all aspects of the modern business enterprise. Because our professional experience is not confined to the silos of functional areas or specific industries, we have the ability to develop broad-based solutions and act as an ongoing resource.

Our approach is grounded in time-tested processes, backed with scientific principles and statistical measurements. A robust metrics process ensures real time dashboards are available to the customer and leadership team to monitor the project's progress and effectiveness.

Our strong academic foundations, coupled with significant professional experience and collaborative approach to solving business challenges, make us expertly qualified to positively impact the bottom-line